The Today Show Talks About New Fangled Contraption Called The "Internet" in 1994

"That little mark with the "a" and the ring around it." Those were Bryan Gumbel's words as he tried to figure out the "@" symbol in e-mail addresses in 1994. His co-anchor Katie Couric, sporting an awesome 90's hair style, thought it meant "around or about".

There is a video clip of the Today Show from 1994 discussing the hot topic called the "internet". Its pretty funny looking back at how clueless most people were as to what the internet was, especially because the internet has become such an integral part of people's lives today. Imagine not having the internet for a whole week.

While it's funny to look back and see them call the internet "computer billboard" and not reading the "dot" in e-mail addresses, the clip really shows what most people knew about the internet at the time. So watch the clip and think back to a time when floppy disks CD-ROMs were new and floppy disks were 8-inch squares that were actually floppy.

[Via Hot Hardware]