The Toast One Toaster Concept – Keeps your fingers safe from burn

Abby McVay - Apr 3, 2008

If you have a tendency to burn your fingers on the toaster you might need a slightly safer version to go with. You might even be worried about little fingers attempting to snag their poptart out. Well this toaster keeps that situation in mind and has added a small twist to their design.

Just flip your toast onto the plate and no burnt fingers. The only thing that concerns me is with flipping your toast out you’re bound to get all those grubby crumbs with it. Which in my case would mean I’d end up spilling them all over everything due to my clumsy nature.

It’s a bit of a toss up really, do you value your fingers your clean kitchen. Then again this product is still a concept so they might have a way to thwart those pesky crumbs.

[via ohgizmo]

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