The TeraDisk - 1TB of storage on a single disk

We've seen the first 1TB hard drive, and we were all amazed. Now just imagine having a single CD-sized disk that can hold the same amount of data.

Sorry to get you all excited only to let you down. Although the disk is in its concept stage, consumers won't see this until sometime around 2010. Mempile announced that they are working on just such a disk. It will begin alpha testing in a little over a year.

I still remember when it was a huge deal to burn a CD. My dad and I were walking through CompUSA on our way to buy our new computer when I first caught a glimpse of one. My dad just chuckled and laughed at their capacity. He said we'd never need more than our good old SyQuest disks could hold.(for those of you that never experienced the joy of SyQuest disks, they held 44MB each)

Mempile TeraDisc Boasts 1TB Of Storage [via crunchgear]