The TeaCube takes the guess work out of steeping

I have in recent years become a major tea addict, or actually become addicted to lots of sugar with a hint of tea. My problem is that I tend to forget about it and let the tea steep too long, then I have to add even more sugar than I already would have.

This concept design isn't just a timer to let you know when the 3 minutes are up and to take out the satchel. It actually does it for you. You simply connect the bag to the clip, pull the cord and at the end of 3 minutes it will pull the bag up far enough from the water that it stops steeping.

My concern would be getting the cord right so that it pulled it up far enough while at the same time not so far that it jerks out of the cup and spills my freshly brewed tea. The concept was designed by Jieun Yang and Hanah Suh.

[via yankodesign]