The Tarati – What have they been smoking?

Chris Scott Barr - May 25, 2007

It must be great to be one of those people that designs products that are never meant to be created. You just think of the craziest stuff, then make 3D rendering of what it might look like and then tell everyone what it should do, if it were real.

Perhaps I’m being a bit cynical, but this phone concept is a bit of a stretch for me. It’s a phone with holes where the numbers should be. There’s no way we’ll see something like this produced, who wants to stick their finger through a hole just to dial? According to the designers “This action of dialing alone is a more magical experience and, hence, more indicative of what’s really happening beyond the visible realm.”

I think the real reason why I’m so blown away by this concept is how it is described by the people who designed it. They are so caught up with what this imaginary device could do that I wonder if they are revolutionaries, or just high. I’m really leaning toward the latter. You really have to read their site to understand just how crazy these people sound.

Touchless Cell Phone Concept [via ohgizmo]

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