The Sweet Icicle Lamp: Lighting for the Future

When you're trying to create an environment, whether it's warm and inviting or calm and relaxing, lighting can make or break a setting. M+K Design (Maiko Watanabe and Koichi Tanaka) have a new lamp which is sure to make a statement in any room.

The Sweet Icicle Lamp takes the neon lamp to the next level, sheathing it's cold cathode fluorescent tube in a crystal clear wedge of acrylic, to give off a futuristic glow. It comes in two colors, white and blue, and a small and large size. While that doesn't give you many choices it's still bound to give off a lasting impression.

This same technology can be found in many other modern electronics like, LCD screens. Even though it shares the same lighting the Sweet Icicle Lamp is bound to be found illuminating more than just offices in the near future, especially with a moderate price range of $112-$150.

Sweet Icicle Lamp Keep It's Cool [via Technabob]