The Super Mario Galaxy Wii Mod

Any Mario Galaxy fans will love this lighted Wii mod. I have always been a Mario fan from the very beginning. However, in recent years I've strayed away from it and moved onto other games, but I still enjoy Mario from time to time. Although I'm one of those that will always prefer the classic, I'd still be more than happy to have this Wii lying about.

The mod features various LED lights throughout, 59 to be exact. Some of which are in the Mario Galaxy logo, others are on either side of the Wii that flicker on and off making them look like stars. The Mario figurines shown on either side are limited edition and can now only be found in certain parts of Asia.

The buttons on the Wii not only perform their usual functions but also emit classic Mario sound effects. It is currently being sold on Ebay and all proceeds will go to the Penny Arcade charity, Child's Play. So not only would you have a custom Wii, but you would have donated to a good cause as well. The bid is currently at just under $600.

[via kotaku]