The Stealth Switch Secures Your Back

Rue Liu - Oct 22, 2006

You know that feeling when your boss comes around unexpectedly while you’re chatting with friends, surfing the net, and updating your resume for finding that next job. You’ve got a gazillion windows open that you have to minimize, but they all still appear down at the bottom of the task bar. As your boss asks about your work, your friend sends you a message and your taskbar starts flashing. You attempt to show your boss the report you’re supposedly working on but end up opening the wrong window. Gee, that image of the pretty blonde doesn’t look work-related. So, to avoid these awkward moments and the risk of getting fired, while maintaining your laid-back work style, you need the Stealth Switch.

With just the tap of the hidden switch, you can hide all windows instantly. And by hide, I don’t mean minimize, I mean completely gone from your screen. And then with another tap, they are all restored. You can customize the settings to hide or show whatever it is you please. The device can also mute sounds, hide the taskbar, hide desktop icons, and can password protect the restore function. Priced at $24.99 from ThinkGeek.

The StealthSwitch [Via: Coolest Gadgets]

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