The Star Wars Humble Bundle II is an absolute steal

The Star Wars excitement has died down a bit, since the release of The Force Awakens late last year. However, it's still a fantastic time to be a Star Wars fan. The Blu-ray release isn't too far off now, and if you want to play some classic Star Wars games to fill that void, now is the perfect time.

I love the Humble Bundles. Sure, they have a lot of them now, and they don't always seem as special as they once did. But sometimes they'll release one, and it will get me excited again. Plus, who doesn't like getting cheap games and supporting a good cause?

The new Star Wars Humble Bundle II has some fantastic games in it. If you only pay the minimum into it, you'll get Star Wars Rebellion, and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga. I've never actually played these two games, which means that I'll have to pick them up. However, my real excitement comes from the included X-Wing Alliance, and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter – Balance of Power Campaigns. These games are fantastic, if a bit dated at this point.

Now if you've never played the classic X-Wing or TIE Fighter games, I'd suggest beating the average price (which is $7.88 at the time of writing) you'll get the originals, which are hands-down my favorite space sims of all time. Plus, you're going to get both Knights of the Old Republic, and its sequel. You'll also get a coupon for 75% off of any three Star Wars titles in the Humble Store, that aren't included in this bundle.

If your bank account runneth over, then you can spring for the $9.99 tier, which will get you the Star Wars: Empire At War: Gold Pack, and LEGO Star Wars – The Complete Saga. And if you really want to spend some money on Star Wars gear, you can pay $34.99 for a special KOTOR II shirt.

So let's breakdown how much money you'd save by picking these up. All of the games come with keys to activate on Steam. If you head over to the Steam Store, you can pick up all of the X-Wing games in a bundle for $29.99, Rebellion will run you $5.99, as will Galactic Battlegrounds. Each of the KOTOR games goes for $9.99, Empire at War itself is $29.99, while LEGO Star Wars is $19.99.

Now these are all of the current prices, but you can often find these titles on sale. However, you're not going to nab them all for just $10, which makes this bundle a steal. If you tried to buy them all today on Steam, you'd be paying around $111. And more titles are going to be added to the bundle later, so the savings keeps adding up.

All of the money made from the Star Wars Humble Bundle II goes toward Star Wars Force For Change, and Unicef. Both are great charities, and will put your credits to good use. You'd better hurry, though. The bundle only has 13 hours left at the time of writing.

Source: Humble Bundle