The SoundBall - for a bit of noisy fun

This is the absolute perfect gift to buy for someone else's kid. Preferably if you aren't around them that often. Not that the ball is overly loud, just that it constantly is making some kind of noise.

Check out the video to hear it. The noises are clever, but would get old after a while. Really it sounds a lot like an old Atari game. It works by using Bluetooth technology. It tells the computer whether the ball is being hit, thrown or spun via a motion sensor from within. Then it in turn tells the ball what noise to make.

video after the jump

It was created by Aleksei R. Stevens who is both a musician as well as an inventor. Poor guy picked up two of the hardest careers to pay the bills with. Unfortunately the ball is still a concept, but with any luck it will hit the market soon.

SoundBall [via gadgetgrid]