The smell of fear

It's undoubtedly a dangerous world out there.  Beyond your patio doors and naive gnomes is a hotbed of depravity and murder, where beneath every bridge and parapet a selection of LEDs lurk.  Picture the scene: you're in a lift, you've thumbed the button for the fifteenth floor.  You're off to see your financial adviser, no harm in that.  And then... a smell.  What is it?  You peer over your shoulder, not wanting to give in to the terror that has gripped your heart in an icy clench.  Is it the elderly, dribbling man?  What about the prune-guzzling child?  A horrible scream claws its way up your throat.  What if it's poison gas?!

That's a scenario that happens almost daily to just about most people, and it could so easily be avoided.  The QRAE II is a portable, handheld poisonous gas detector, capable of sniffing out untimely oxygen, combustible materials, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide.  You'll be overjoyed to know that it's the first of its type to feature an RoHS compliant, lead-free oxygen sensor.

Is $645 too much to pay for your safety?  The answer you're looking for is "no".

Mobile Magazine [via Crave]