The Simpsons preps all-LEGO episode for May

If The LEGO Movie (check out our review) gave you a craving for LEGO-themed entertainment, TV's longest-running animated series is about to satisfy it: The Simpsons will soon air an episode that takes place in a different dimension where everyone and thing are made of LEGOs.

The episode — titled "Brick Like Me" — is slated to run on May 4, where viewers will be graced with changes like the "Brick-E-Mart" and other tongue-in-cheek LEGO-centric references. Ushering it in is an interview by Entertainment Weekly with executive producer Matt Selman and co-executive producer Brian Kelley.

According to the producers, the idea for a LEGO episode was suggested before The LEGO Movie came about, with serious talk about making the episode having taken place back in early 2012. From there, word surfaced that LEGO was interested in doing a couch gag, and such spawned the start of a beautiful collaboration.

The two go on to detail the work that was put into the show, including forming the alternate reality where LEGOs are the norm and the "real world's" rules don't necessarily translate.

Said Kelley on the topic of debates that went into creating the LEGO world rules, "A question was: Does plastic feel pain? And the answer was: No. But what was cool was those limitations opened up new jokes. We could have something happen to a character that would kill them or cause them great pain, but in the Lego word, there are no consequences."

There's quite a bit more detail into how much effort when into the episode, what its focus will be, and even a certain adult scene between LEGO Homer and Marge that the LEGO company felt was a bit too risqué. Perhaps summing up the efforts best, Selman said, "If you doubt our commitment to the complete Lego-ification of Springfield, we even wrote Lego versions of the ratings on the Love Tester in Moe's bar."

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly