The safest way to play golf yet

I have a friend that is always coming up with crazy new ideas on how he can get himself, or someone else seriously injured. Granted, he's never "trying" to hurt anyone, but he usually does end up at least catching himself on fire. Needless to say, I won't be showing this to him any time soon.

This is a Golf Ball Launcher. The name is enough to bring destructive thoughts to anyone's head. Strangely enough, the creator sees it as an alternative to swinging the old club at a golf course. They even cite it as being "safe" because "you have more control than with a club." Translation, you can pick off your friends from 300 yards away with extreme precision.

Don't worry, the neighborhood hooligan won't be breaking your windows with one of these any time soon. The creators are still seeking a partner to license it. I just wonder if it'll labeled as a "sporting device" or "toy".

Golf Ball Launcher Makes Golf Fun for All [via gizmodo]