The RP-7 robot plays doctor

Abby McVay - Jul 17, 2007

Pretty much everyone has had at least one if not several bad experiences in hospitals. Well this robotic doctor was created to try to make your stay at the hospital a little better.

It can be quite terrifying if you are going through any kind of procedure and your actual doctor can’t be there. The RP-7 Remote Presence Robotic System by InTouch Technologies actually stands beside your bed giving you the feeling that the actual doctor is there. It is actually controlled with a joystick, and has a screen so you can see the doctor and hear him.

Hospitals are already using these robots worldwide. This would especially be great for new moms who are in labor. Since typically doctors don’t bother to show up unless something is wrong. With this they could pop up, and reassure their patients then go back to their cookout.

Dr. Robot at your bedside [via gearlog]

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