The Roku Channel is now in the UK just in time for binging

Video streaming services are on the rise, especially with everyone forced to keep themselves distracted from the urge to go out. Services have expanded their content selection and even their free trial periods but Roku is making an even bigger leap almost literally. It has just crossed the gigantic pond known as the Atlantic and is bringing its catalog of free content to those stuck inside their houses in the UK.

Roku is perhaps best known for its digital media player and video streaming box, thriving even before streaming became a household word. Taking advantage of its position in the home entertainment market, it launched its self-branded "The Roku Channel" in 2017 to offer free but ad-supported videos licensed from a multitude of studio partners.

That's the same Roku Channel that it's bringing to the UK, just in time for extended period of quarantine, voluntary or imposed, that people in the nation are now facing. Of course, Europe is already worried about the strain that these services could put on the Internet, so why not add one more option?

The Roku Channel offers a wide variety of content for almost all types of people. In addition to movies like Get Carter and Les Miserables, there is also something for food and cooking fans like Britain's Best Bakery. The kids, on the other hand, can meet for the first time the world-famous Teletubbies or be acquainted with classic superhero Inspector Gadget.

The Roku Channel is available now for anyone in the UK with a Roku box or Hisense' Roku TV. Partnering with Sky, the channel is also available for NOW TV and Sky Q boxes with no subscriptions required, nor fees or even logins.