The ROCKxSIRI takes us through Dwayne Johnson's bucket list

Apple has been making some rather strange entertainment ventures lately that will have you questioning its sanity. The Planet of the Apps has probably become the butt of jokes as far as "reality" TV shows go. That, however, hasn't stopped Apple from trying to pull in big Hollywood names for its out of this world concepts. And this time, it's almost literal. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is starring in his most adrenaline-pumping, high-octane short film and he has teamed up with the best co-star ever: Siri.

The Rock is a man of many talents, though it's probably still debatable whether he can really cook. Although he rose to fame as a wrestler, he has proven to have acting skills beyond the ring or cage. From action to comedy, Dwayne Johnson has starred in it. And this new film seems to bring it all together and converge on a single point.

A car furiously racing down streets. A plane hijacked to fly to Rome. Dangling from the ceiling across a masterpiece of art. Crash landing on terra firma to save the day from robot invaders. You name it, the Rock as cooked it. And, again, literally too. Fashion, music, and cooking are not beyond Dwayne Johnson's skills. As long as he has Siri with him, of course.

So what role does Siri play in this film? She's like the "woman in the chair" of superheroes of yore, coordinating the action man's "life goals", which is a less dreary way of calling a bucket list. Of course, Siri can also convert critical volume measurements or take selfies from outer space. And, like in any movie, she gets it right all the time. No misinterpreted phrases whatsoever.

The ROCKxSIRI is Apple's latest, longest, and perhaps biggest budget, ad for the personal assistant, and its timing is only too good to be a coincidence. Bixby has just fully launched in the US, promising to do hundreds of things neither Siri nor Google Assistant nor Cortana can do on your phone. It's a not so subtle reminder not to underestimate what Siri can already do, especially in the rather gigantic hands of Th Rock.