The reincarnation of the light bulb

I'm sure all of you live in a super chic household with not a single thing out of place. However, I don't, shocking I know. Well for all of you the love chic look this lamp is definitely for you. Although, the design I'm sure sounds silly, it actually looks really cool.

It's a small lamp only meant to put off some soft lighting (it's only 30W) that sports a light bulb purely as decoration. The designer Hironao Tsuboi decided to change the focus of the light bulb and feature the bulb itself.

I really do like this lamp, it's just I don't see it fitting within my home. I'm sure a lot of you agree that although we would love sometimes to have that really trendy perfect household (complete with a maid), it's just not going to happen. Although, I'm sure if you have the more artsy or even industrial kind of home it would fit there too.

The light bulb light bulb [via plasticbamboo]