The Reality of the Nike+iPod Kit

If I ever were to get a Nike+iPod set, I would probably return it or sell it on Ebay, sure I would like to get more fit, but I am a big dude, so running is kind of out of the question unless I want to wind up in the hospital. I do however like the idea of it, and it seems I am not alone in this mentality as the actual average number of miles each one of these kits is used for is 12 miles.

That is just funny. Consider that in order to fully use this set, you'd have to buy an iPod Nano for at least $149, the Sport Kit for $29, and a pair of the shoes it works with which range anywhere from $80 to $140, and then you use it all for just a few miles before giving up or at least choosing not to use it.

So the 12 miles per unit sold number comes from this math, last week Mr. Jobs said that they had sold 1 million units and logged over 12 million miles, that's simple division of 12mil divided by 1mil, equals 12 miles per unit. So even with Nike's complex forums just for these devices, with running clubs, and motivational garbage, they still can't get people to use one of these for longer than an average of 12 miles. The Nike site has updated that number to 28 million, so that makes it a little better, at about 28 miles per unit, but still.

Nike + iPod: How Many Runners Actually Use It? [via Apple 2.0]