The Public Alert Weather Radio and Weather Station

Working here at Slashgear means that I work from home and occasionally forget to glance outside. I don't even watch local TV, the entire town could be swooped up into a tornado and I would never even know it. With my tendency to wear headphones all the time it would take a power outage for me to think to look up from my computer.

Especially if I'm reading through my daily dose of google reader, I tend to get too absorbed into gadget news. This Portable Weather Alert Radio is perfect for those of us that tend to forget about things like the weather or just don't want to deal with watching the news long enough to check it out.

It will let you know when there is a local public weather alert and features barometric forecasts. It shows both the indoor and outdoor temperatures and even humidity information. The gadget is being sold for $74.95.

[via geekalerts]