The Psychedelic CD box

This thing just proves that my theory about shiny things is correct. It's a box, with LED lights, oooh but you can stack them, that makes them a lot more interesting.

These things are about us unimaginative as they come, but because it's shiny and has lights in it, people will actually buy it. The site that sells this junk claims it is "the funkiest way ever to store your CD's", yes they actually said that. Apparently they don't get out much and somehow it's psychedelic to top it off. It's a box people, the only fancy thing about it is that the lights gradually change colors like every other LED enhanced product.

The cost for one of these is $39.95. Just one more purchase to own your very own house made entirely of LED lights; just don't invite an epileptic person over.

[via uber review]