The PSP is the Playstation gateway drug

Abby McVay - May 27, 2008

Apparently the SCEA thinks that the PSP is Sony’s official gateway drug, and frankly, I believe it. I was not nearly as much of a Playstation addict until I got a shiny new PSP.

Now, I’ve began considering how long it would take to save up for a fancy new PS3, and replace my old dilapidated PS2. John Koller at SCEA says that kids will first pick up the PSP then move on to the serious stuff with the PS3.

They have also noticed that the PSP has drawn in many new gamers, who pick it up as their very first console and move on to bigger things. Although some apparently have the opinion that the PSP is getting little to no business, according to their numbers its doing much better than many think.

[via kotaku]

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