The printer that fits in your pocket

So you've just taken a great picture of your friend doing something really crazy on your cell phone. Now what if your best bud wants a copy of it? Well, soon you can just whip out your handheld printer from ZINK and print out a nice 2x3 of him acting like an idiot. Basically the printer is about the size of an average cell phone that can print off pictures using a specialized piece of paper. The picture is created by heating up and putting varying amounts of pressure on the polymer paper.

The obvious upsides to this unit is the fact that it has no liquid ink. No ink = no mess. This unit is still in testing, so we've not seen just how well the pictures turn out. Who knows, if it does well enough, this could be something to revolutionize the printing industry. Pricing is expected to be around $99 for the printer and around $19.95 for a 100 pack of paper. The only thing you'll have to worry about is what your friend will do when he finds out you've made copies of his little incident for everyone.

Zink Bringing Printers to Your Handheld Gadgetry [via engadget]