The Porsche Taycan is so popular in the US that it helped Porsche recover

2020 has been a terrible year for automotive manufacturers as the pandemic shuttered production and closed dealerships in much of the world. That has left many automakers struggling with layoffs and the closure of manufacturing facilities permanently. Porsche has a bright spot in the US with its new all-electric sports car called the Taycan.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume recently had an interview with Autoblog where he confirmed that the Taycan has been extremely popular in the United States. In fact, the EV is so popular that it's Porsche's third bestseller in the US. Blume said during the interview that Porsche has had a V-shaped recovery in the states with a fast decline in sales followed by a swift rise in sales.

The automaker saw sales recoveries begin in June and the trend accelerated during Q3. The Taycan sits behind the Macan and Cayenne in terms of sales popularity. That means that the electric sports car is Porsche's best-selling sports car in the US. Directly behind it is the Panamera.

Reports expect that demand for the Taycan will remain high with new versions such as the Cross Turismo wagon expected to debut in the coming months. Blume attributes some of the performance car manufacturers swift recovery to the fact that it put significant efforts into digitalization. Dealerships invested significantly in digital sales channels, home delivery programs, and subscription services.

With its emphasis on going digital, employees around the world at all levels were able to continue working despite lockdowns. As terrible as 2020 has been for automakers and the world in general, Blume does say that lessons have been learned from the pandemic and they have made Porsche savvier. The CEO also says that the US rebounded much faster than the company expected.