The Oxygenating Watering Can

Abby McVay - Jan 8, 2008

When someone says they are watering the plants, that could mean any number of things. Generally for me it means a miracle has occurred and I’ve remembered to actually water them. That also means I’m watering dried up dead plants. However, for some it is a much more religious act. For those that like keeping their plants pampered this Oxygenating Watering Can is just the thing to keep you plants looking healthy.

Studies show that plants grow faster, bloom earlier, have richer colors and bear more flowers with the use of oxygenated water. This watering can works by filling it with tap water, then just plug it in for 4-5 minutes. Then just water the plants as you normally would.

With spring coming up (eventually), you’ll need a new watering can to start out the season. It is being sold for $99.95.

Oxygenating Watering Can
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