The One Binary Watch from thumbsUp! Give us the Best of Both Worlds

There are plenty of watches out there. And there's definitely quite a few watches out there that have graced this page for all sorts of reasons — but there's always that tech angle. Tokyo Flash has become pretty much synonymous with crazy, gadget-like watches, but this new design from thumbsUp! is awesome in the fact that it gives us the best of both worlds. That's right, if you want to actually tell the time without the hassle of figuring out your watch, then this new watch can do that. But, that's not all.

The watch is actually called "The One," and it's designed so that you're able to slide a metal panel from the left to right, or vice versa depending on your mood. One the panel's on the right and the left side of the face is exposed, you'll see a "normal" analog watch face. However, slide the panel the other way and you'll find yourself staring at a binary display. Two sides, with blue LEDs to accent what the time is. Using some math skills will get you to show off to all your friends.

Obviously for some people the novelty of having a watch you can't just glance at and know what the time is wears off pretty quickly, that's why we're happy to see there's some options out there. The watch itself looks pretty slick, too — it could definitely be worse. We couldn't find anywhere to tell us how much the watch actually costs, but we imagine it won't be the cheapest way to tell the time. But, you can order them from here.

[via OhGizmo!]