The Nite Ize Lite Bite gives you a hand

Are your chompers getting tired from holding that flashlight in your mouth all the time when you don't have any free hands? Well maybe you just need a little extra help. You ought to give the new Nite Ize Lite Bite a try.

There are always those situations when you have to hold your flashlight in your mouth. My general reason is that I forget to put oil in my truck until after dark and my truck is a little tall so it's kind of a balancing act anyway. I'm sure if I had this thing at least my teeth wouldn't hurt so much afterwards, now if only I could grow a couple more inches.

I'm afraid the flashlight is not actually included. However the attachment is only $7.95, so it won't be too much extra to buy the flashlight separate.

Zen Lite Bite Mouth Flashlight [via Gizmodo]