The Night Reader Hardcover adds a little finesse to late-night reading

I think a book light is probably the dorkiest gadget ever. I mean what self-respecting person would be seen with one?! Okay, so I own one. What? I like to read at night once everyone has gone to sleep. When I was much younger I had a night light and I would curl up in the floor to read by it. Yes I am a dork.

What I love about this little guy is the added support of the hardcover. I occasionally have those books that are paperback and like to close up on you. This is not very good when you're tired and trying to read way too late at night. For added security it has a bookmark built into it, just in case you are one of those people that occasionally fall asleep while reading. I've never understood how people do that, I get way too into it and sometimes forget to sleep altogether.

The light (LED of course) has an adjustable neck to help you get that right angle for you. The beam lights up both pages, whereas my current one only illuminates part of a page. I was desperate though and it beat reading by flashlight. The light offers 70 continuous hours of reading, although I really don't advise that. I don't think I could even pull that off and I'm pretty bad. The book covers come in brown or black and are priced at $44.95.

Night Reader Hardcover [via uber review]