The newest Xbox Series X controller is extremely red

With the Xbox Series X|S came a new Xbox Wireless Controller, and given that it's only a couple of months old, it doesn't have anywhere near the number of color or design options that the Xbox One controller has. Undoubtedly, Microsoft will be releasing new Xbox Wireless Controller variants over time, and today, one of the first was revealed. Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Wireless Controller will soon be available in Pulse Red.

Up until this point, the Xbox Wireless Controller has only been available in Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue – fairly safe color schemes, and none of them are quite as loud and vibrant as Pulse Red is. Make no mistake, this controller is very red, so that's something to keep in mind if you're thinking of picking one up.

In fact, save for the face A, B, X, and Y buttons; the directional pad, and the guide button, the entire front of this controller is red, including every part of both control sticks (which oftentimes can have a two-tone color scheme). The back panel, which includes portions of the grips and the battery door, is white, so if you're a Detroit Red Wings fan like me, then this controller almost perfectly matches the color scheme of your favorite NHL team.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller hasn't changed dramatically in the cross-generation jump, at least not in the way the PlayStation controller has. The new Xbox Wireless Controller features the same overall design as the Xbox controller from the previous generation. That said, there have been some changes and additions – the D-Pad, for instance, has undergone a complete redesign (that's much better than last gen's D-Pad), while we've seen a share button added square in the controller's center.

In any case, if this Pulse Red Xbox Wireless Controller is something you want to add to your collection, you'll be able to do just that on February 9th in "most Xbox markets." Like its Shock Blue brother, the Pulse Red controller will set you back $64.99 when it releases – $5 more than the standard black and white models.