The new Lion King trailer is here - you'll either love it or hate it

A few months ago, Disney delivered the first teaser trailer for its incoming remake of The Lion King. True to its name, that teaser didn't really show us much aside from portions of the movie's opening scene at Pride Rock, leaving us wondering what most of the characters will look and sound like. Today we got some answers, as Disney has finally published the first official trailer for The Lion King, and it shows off pretty much every character to some extent.

The trailer opens with Scar and his three hyena lackeys confronting a young Simba and Nala as Scar laments the fact that "life's not fair." What follows are some quick shots of the movie's famous stampede scene, followed by a lesson from Mufasa – voiced by the always wonderful James Earl Jones – about what it means to be a good king.

If you've seen the original animated film, none of the content in this trailer will come as a surprise to you. Most of us are interested in this first trailer primarily because we want to see what all of the characters look like. The results are mostly what you'd expect: Scar looks particularly haggard and loathsome, for instance, while Mufasa looks healthy and powerful.

This trailer isn't just about the lions, though. We're offered the briefest glimpse at what appears to be Zazu, Mufasa's majordomo, and Rafiki, the wise baboon who's there for Simba's birth and later prompts him to return to Pride Rock. There's also a few shots of Timon and Pumbaa, but we'll let you watch the trailer for that particular reveal.

The Lion King is just the latest entry on a growing list of live-action remakes from Disney, which seem to have been relatively hit or miss with fans. We'll see if The Lion King is a hit when it releases on July 19, 2019, but while we wait for release day to roll around, head down to the comments section and let us know what you think of this trailer!