The New iPad to Replace My Xbox? Ha! Fat Chance

Have you heard the news? Apple's new iPad is launching on March 16, and the company and a few game developers think it might be the next big thing in video games. They claim that the device's Retina Display and quad-core graphics, courtesy of the A5X processor, will be enough to make every console gamer jealous.Yep, you heard that right. Apple has decided that the time has come to finally take on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with its iPad, and it hopes those competitors are scared, scared, scared.

But I have some news for Apple. I'm one of those people that some think, will be able to say good-bye to the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and use the iPad as a gaming device. They believe that with this new initiative, Apple and its developer partners can target both the casual gamer that wants the basic fun you traditionally get from tablets, plus all of us hard-core players who want something much different, and sell them on that experience.

There isn't a chance that I would even consider replacing my Xbox with an iPad. Will I play a few games on Apple's tablet here and there? Sure. But to say that it'll become my new go-to gaming device would be a huge overstatement.

See, I'm an old school gamer; not just a hardcore player. I like the idea of holding a controller in my hand that's wirelessly connected to a box hooked up to my television. I like popping a disc into that box, loading up a title, and being able to play a game that delivers an experience unlike anything I can find on my smartphone or tablet.

[aquote]I reject the idea that Apple has found a way to kill off console gaming[/aquote]

I'll fully admit that console makers and especially portable vendors will need to change their strategy in the coming years to compete against the likes of Apple's iPhone and iPad, and Android-based products. However, I reject the idea that Apple has found a way to kill off console gaming once and for all.

The fact is, tablets, consoles, and even portables, like the PlayStation Vita, can happily coexist in today's gaming space. All the devices are serving a different customer with different needs, and developers, looking to capitalize however they can, will be able to profit off that. In fact, this might just be the best opportunity for developers we've seen in years.

So, why should we sit here and debate which product will eventually win out over another? If I want a full touch experience, I'll head over to my iPad and iPhone and use that device. If I want something a bit more traditional — and as far as I'm concerned, more capable — I'll use my Xbox. And in the times that I'm traveling and want to quickly play a game or two, I'll choose my PlayStation Vita or iPhone.

For us gamers, it's a great time. We have more products than ever appealing to us, and we can do it at a price that doesn't necessarily break the bank. So, let's stop all this nonsense of saying one device will take down another, and just get down to gaming. After all, that's what we love, isn't it?