The Neuro Logic RFT-2L19 - The Perfect Dual Monitor Solution For Any Rackmount Server

How many screens is too many? It's a trick question of course, as you can never have too many displays. You see a lot of setups that include side-by-side monitors. That's my personal favorite, as I  like my two screens side-by-side. However, for those of you with limited space and would like a vertical solution, you should check out what Neuro Logic Systems has to offer.

As you can see from the picture the monitors not only stack on top of each other, but they can fold up on top of each other, taking up very little room. This sort of setup would be perfect for a server rack. I know there have been occasions where I wouldn't mind having a spare display to look at, rather than switching back-and-forth on the KVM.

No word on what kind of price we would be expected to pay for one of their RFT-2L19 setups, but I would imagine it would be worth a good deal to have. It includes a full keyboard, backlit trackball and three mouse buttons. All of this fits into a nice 2U package.

Dual vertical LCDs when you can only go up [via crave]