The Mu folding plug re-revealed and detailed

This week a fabulous new device which takes the undeniably fat design of the modern wall plug anf folds it down to a much more flat and much more transportable card. This design at the moment works only with the UK version of the wall plug, but the application to multiple plugs across the earth is not difficult to see. Once you have a peek, and see how simple it is to flip the plug you know so well down to a disk of great transportability, you'll come to understand the simplicity of the truth!

This design has been made a a prototype and brought on tour for quite some time now, only released to the general public very recently due to its availability coming this year. Back in 2009 the folks at the BBC had a peek at this design with Min-Kyu Choi and his business partner Matthew Judkins, and now they've been chosen to announce the availability of said plug as well. This plug has the wall male on one side and a USB port on the other side – and it only costs 25 pounds! Imaging that!

This device is made specifically for smartphone-sized devices, and no word yet has come down on different voltages for larger devices in the future. Now we've got to see how easy it is to make this idea fly here in the United States. When you've got something this simple, you've simply got to push it beyond the first iteration. At the moment this device is on Pre-Order and will be shipping on the 28th of February, 2012. It's time to reduce your overall object size by 70% in style!