The MPAA Might Cut Off Google’s Internet Access

Robert Evans - Feb 9, 2011
The MPAA Might Cut Off Google’s Internet Access

We live in a society of laws that no man- or corporation- is above. And when a company sort-of breaks the law in a virtually imperceptible way, they have to pay the price. In Google’s case, that means losing their Internet access. Over the past months, Google has received more than 100 notices of copyright infringement from MPAA-studios.

Most of these come from people on Google’s public WiFi service. At least a few of the downloads came from within Google’s Mountain View HQ though. Maybe Larry and Sergey just couldn’t wait for Green Hornet to come out on DVD?

Google has been anything but pro-piracy in the recent past. They censored a laundry list of torrent-related terms from auto-complete and instant results at the end of January. This caused an uproar from the torrent community, especially since benign and totally legal terms like “Ubuntu torrent” were included.

The MPAA also lashed out at cloud storage service Hotfile today. They accused Hotfile of openly pushing users to upload pirated media, and profiting from it by charging a monthly fee.

[Via TechSpot]

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