The most popular vehicle color this year was white

No matter where you are in the world, when you hop in the car and drive down the road, we all realize that many people are buying the same exact colors for their cars. The Global Automotive Color Popularity Report has been published outlining the most common automotive colors on the road today. As you might expect, the top choices for colors are rather boring.

The most popular color this year was white, with 38 percent of vehicles being that shade. Black comes in second at 19 percent, and gray is third at 15 percent. Gray is gaining on black, increasing by two percentage points, surging to a 10-year high. White has held steady at 38 percent of the global market for the last three years.

Interestingly, silver continues to decline in popularity in all regions and is now at nine percent. Black continues to remain popular year-over-year, with much of that thanks to its popularity on luxury vehicles. The report does break down the preference for white in a little more detail.

27 percent of vehicles sold are solid white, while 11 percent are pearl white. Sitting in the fifth-place spot is blue at seven percent, with red next at five percent, and brown/beige next at three percent. Yellow and gold combine for two percent of the market, with green accounting for only one percent. All other colors combined for one percent of the remaining market.

With many people not being particularly color-sensitive when it comes to buying vehicles, we wonder if some of the popularity of these basic colors comes down to what dealerships have available. For instance, I have a silver vehicle not because that's the color I wanted but because it was the only one with the options I wanted that wasn't black or white.