The Modular Dish Drainer

Dish drainers have the annoying tendency of getting full after only a few dishes. In which case those that have more than a few dishes to do have to towel dry them as you go just to fit a few more on the rack. This concept design is created for those with smaller spaces but have more than two plates to their name.

Most dish drainers are boring and basic with the same design they've had since the 50's or earlier. This one features a small tower to hang plates or glasses from with a few pegs to prop up your bowls and pans and a spot for your silverware. In case you're worried about those glasses falling off if you look really closely the peg above the glass curves to hold it in place.

As I said before, it is still a concept design, but since it isn't something highly outrageous (which some concepts seem to be) it might actually make it to the general market. It doesn't have huge expensive blowers or some heated rack, essentially they just changed the shape. The Modular Dish Drainer was designed by Sarah Brayshaw.

Modular Dish Drainer Looks Cartoonish, Fits Dishware of All Sizes [via techblog]