The Miracle Machine quickly creates wine at home

If you are a fan of wine, you may think being able to make your own vino at home is something that the average person can't do. There are plenty of kits out there for making your own beer, but if you prefer wine, your options are more limited. A new gadget has been announced called the Miracle Machine.

The Miracle Machine claims to be the first affordable winemaking system for home users. The accelerated wine making device promises a good wine with minimal effort in only a few days. The gadget is an appliance designed to sit on the counter and sell for $499.

That's not exactly cheap, but if you want to make your own wine, and do it quickly, the price might not be that bad. The duo behind the machine says that you can create the flavors of some of the most sought after vintages using science and their device. The gadget uses sensors to monitor the environment inside the container and has an ultrasonic transducer that speeds up the flavor development of the wine.

The Miracle Machine interfaces with a smartphone app that allows you to connect to the wine maker via Bluetooth. The app lets you choose what kind of wine you are making and then keeps an eye on the vital stats of the wine as it ferments. The app will tell you how much of each ingredient to put in the bottle, Ph, alcohol content, and how much time remains before the wine is complete. The ingredients to make the wine are expected to cost under $10 per month for enough to make one bottle of wine per week. Availability for the device is unknown at this time.

SOURCE: The Miracle Machine

VIA: Springfield Sun News