The Mill LA teams with Sonos Studio for "Bugs" interactive multimedia experience

This week the folks behind VFX studio The Mill LA have joined with Sonos Studio for an interactive multimedia installation event that'll be going by the name of "Bugs!" This installation will be living in Sonos Studio from the 5th of April until the 5th of May. This installation will mash together the greatness that both groups can provide: six massive displays combined with six Sonos PLAYBAR units, each of them depicting a Bug that'll blow your mind.

Each of these monoliths will have a TV screen of its own, each of them facing the center of a large circle where visitors will be able to drown themselves in this immersive experience. Each of these bugs was created by filmmaker Tom Kuntz and The Mill LA, each of them coming at you from their own position in the circle of wild action with no less than a soundtrack made of the "exuberant loops" of electronic musician Dan Deacon.

For those of you that'd like to know more about the PLAYBAR that blasts each of these bugs to life with audio so real you'll freak, have a peek at our full Sonos PLAYBAR Review from earlier this month. At the opening for the show (on April 4th), there'll be a live performance by Dan Deacon as he collaborates with the Bugs right in front of your face!

Each of the Bugs uses not only a Sonos PLAYBAR, but a BrightSign digital media player as well. Each of the six characters will be performing simultaneously while visitors to the show are doused in what Sonos and The Mill LA describe as "an intense audile and visual experience, demonstrating the supremely immersive energy of the combined senses."

If you're a member of the public – and we know you are – you'll want to head over to Sonos Studio starting on April 5th at any time between 10AM and 6PM. That's Sonos Studio at 145 North La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036 – you can't miss it! Also stay tuned to SlashGear's Entertainment tag portal for more excellence from The Mill LA – we've got some hot action in store for you!