The Matrix gets 8 Bit Cinema makeover

Entertainment comes in many forms, and some of the best types evoke a pleasant sense of nostalgia. Such is the reason many find 8 Bit Cinema, a YouTube-centric series of pixelated videos, to be so entertaining. Latest to its catalog is The Matrix in old school game style.

The first movie in the Matrix trilogy has been transformed into an 8-bit (and, as always, a little bit o' 16-bit) form of art styled after games of days gone by, mixing iconic moments from the movie into classic gaming scenes.

The video is a just a bit over 3 minutes long, kicking off with the red and blue pill and moving on to muscle-bound fighting scenes. As with other videos, CineFix teases that it based its latest video on a specific game, and invites viewers to figure out which one it is.

Of course, this isn't the first interesting rendition we've seen from the folks at CineFix. They've covered a wide range of movies with their pixel-based styles, a couple of which you can find out more details on by hitting up the related timeline below.