The Luxury Pod, no it's not an iPod accessory

I can't decide if the Sleeping Pod reminds me more of the Jetsons or an over the top bachelor pad. Either way the thing looks super comfortable, then again that could be due to my lack of sleep lately. The Transport by Alberto Frias is designed with the idea of the human eye in mind. I'm not sure why he felt the need to create a bed inspired by your eyeball, but either way the product turned out great.

I wouldn't want to have more than one person in there, which is great because then you can tell everyone there is no room, so go away. The Pod comes with speakers and wee little lights that are synchronized to music. It also has a waterbed pad and a cushion to keep things comfortable. That is one bed I would not want to make in the morning. I tend to get confused by a square bed; hey those fitted sheets can be very deceptive.

The base model is available for $10,000.....hmmm..hold on, I think I have that in my back pocket right now. Oh sorry, that was lint, my bad.

Luxury Sleeping Pod With LED Lights And Speakers [via bornrich]