The Louvre museum and Nintendo team for 3DS guided tours

One of the most famous art museums in the world is the Louvre in France. The museum is famous for more than its art collection; one of the most noticeable landmarks is the glass pyramid out front. The museum and Nintendo are working together on a project that allows the visitors to the museum to use the Nintendo 3DS for guided tours of the exhibits.

The museum has traditionally offered audio guides to people that visit the museum if needed. The 3DS rollout is part of a plan to step up digital device use at the museum. Nintendo is providing the museum with 5,000 of the consoles as part of a partnership with the museum. Each of the little consoles will be loaded with various itineraries that will cater to specific groups and desires.

There will be a kid's itinerary and hundreds of different recorded commentaries in seven languages on the art and other works on display at the museum. Nintendo developed the content for the museum with the Louvre in editorial control. I am sure that Nintendo is hoping the deal with the popular and heavily toured museum will raise the notoriety of the 3DS.

[via AFP]