The Lost Boys TV show tipped in pipeline at Warner Bros with Gen Z focus

Though the CW has passed on the opportunity to launch a television show based on the hit movie The Lost Boys, Warner Bros. is going forward with a new writer, according to a new report. The series will be based on the 1987 movie by the same name, though with the expected updates for a new generation of fans.

The new series will, according to Deadline, revolve around a mother and her Generation Z sons after they move back to her hometown. The 'cool kids' in this city have odd tendencies: they sleep all day, stay up all night, and don't age. The brothers in the series will end up "on opposite sides of a mythological struggle."

Back in May, the CW decided not to pick up The Lost Boys TV series based on the pilot episode from Rob Thomas. The pandemic messed with the pilot's production, though Deadline claimed at the time that some of CW's leadership had seen some footage from the pilot episode — and ultimately chose to pick up some other series instead.

In the latest update on a TV adaptation, it is reported that Warner Bros. is moving ahead with "a new take" on the series; Jonathan Entwistle has reportedly been tapped to direct with Randy McKinnon as a screenwriter. Jaeden Martell and Noah Jupe are set to star in the upcoming series.

It's unclear based on the current report whether The Lost Boys TV adaptation will be coming to a pay-TV network or whether it'll be a streaming exclusive. It appears the series is in the earliest stages of production, so while a timeframe for release hasn't been revealed, it'll likely be a while before we see the first season.