The LG G4 is now in the US and here's where to get it

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LG has just fired the gun, signaling the widespread availability of its flagship in the US. Given the LG G4's rather high profile marketing, especially for its camera, and its admittedly enticing spec sheet, it might not be surprising to see quite a few interested buyers. Luckily for them, all major US carriers and even retailers like Best Buy and Amazon are game. Actually the number of sources and choices might be a bit overwhelming, so here we condense it into a few salient points on where to get your leather-back LG G4 and for how much.


AT&T offers the 32 GB model but sadly only in two colors, one for each kind of back cover. The one with the lowest price tag is, unsurprisingly, the Metallic Gray. You can buy this LG G4 for its regular price of $629.99. Alternatively, a regular 2-year contract lets you get it for $199.99. But AT&T really wants to prioritize its Next Program, which offers various installation payment options, like Next 12 where you pay a down of $189 and then pay $15.75 monthly for the next 28 months.

The Genuine Leather Black costs a bit more at $669.99. With a 2-year arrangement, it goes for $239.99. And with the same Next 12 program, it costs $201 for down payment and $16.75 for 28 months.


T-Mobile has a similar two-tone offer, but instead of Black Leather it goes for the Genuine Leather Brown, which is exclusive to T-Mobile. Unlike AT&T, prices for both color options are equal, with the full retail tag going for $599.76. The subsidized option, on the other hand, lets you pay for it for 24 months at $24.99 each month.

The carrier makes up for its lack of payment options by throwing in some freebies. Buyers will be able to get a 128 GB microSD card for free, at least until while supplies last, something that LG fans can flaunt in their Samsung rivals' faces.


Of the three, Verizon has the most color options, which is really only three: Metallic Gray, Genuine Leather Black, and Ceramic White, with the last one the exclusive carrier color. All prices for the three are also equal and paying the full cost will set you back $549.99. Spread it out in two years with a contract and you only pay $199.99. But you can go even lower via the Verizon Edge program, where you get to dole out $22.91 per month over 24 months.

Verizon also offer more freebies. Together with a 32 GB microSD card, it is also giving away an extra 3,000 mAh battery and a battery charging cradle. Again only while supplies last.

US Cellular

This carrier is playing in the big leagues now, at least as far as the LG G4 is concerned. Along with the usual Metallic Gray and Genuine Leather Black, the carrier also has Shiny Gold in its stock, making it the only carrier to offer this color. At face value, it would seem that it has the lowest price tag among the carriers, with a $510 full price and $99.99 with a two-year contract. However, mall-in rebates will mean that you actually have to pay $100 more for it at checkout. Optionally, a zero down installment setup will cost $30.50 a month for 20 months.

Sadly, no freebies from US Cellular.

Best Buy and Amazon

Online retailers are, of course, also offering the LG G4 on their virtual shelves. Best Buy also offers the 32 GB model, each configured to a particular carrier's network and pricing scheme. On AT&T, Best Buy only offers is on AT&T Next, $21 per month for the Metallic Gray and $22.34 for the Genuine Leather Black over the course of 30 months. Only the $199 two-year contract is available for Verizon and only the Metallic Grey and Ceramic White colors. Best Buy is the only one to offer the Deep Blue color, available on AT&T for $21.00 per month over 30 months and on Verizon for $199.99 with a two-year agreement.

Amazon has a similar arrangement going, offering the same colors, except Blue, and prices on varying carriers. For example, the Metallic Gray model on AT&T is offered with a full price tag of $629.99.

But wait, there's more!

LG says it's got your back, which is just a fancy way of saying that it has a lot more back covers to choose from with some deals to spice it up. Put two extra back covers in your shopping cart and LG will automatically remove the price tag of the second one on checkout. And buyers on can also start pre-ordering new G4 leather covers in red, pink, sky blue, yellow and orange. These color options are totally new and totally come with a $69.00 price tag.

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