The Last of Us Part II has a ton of accessibility options

The Last of Us Part II is right around the corner, and today, Sony and Naughty Dog are detailing the accessibility options that will be present in the game. There are a lot of them too, with Naughty Dog detailing over 60 individual settings. Those should hopefully be enough for most people to tailor their gameplay experience to suit their needs.

Of course, diving into a pool of 60 different accessibility settings is probably very intimidating for some, so thankfully, Naughty Dog has included three accessibility presets. There are preset options for vision, hearing, motor skills, with each turning on large swathes of settings.

For instance, the vision preset turns on options such as text-to-speech, high contrast display, large scale HUD, unlimited skip puzzle options, unlimited invisible while prone, and navigation traversal assistance, allowing low-vision players to turn on a number of accessibility options all at once. The hearing and motor skills presets are similarly dense, so if all of these different options prove to be a lot to consider, you can turn on one of these presets and jump right into the game.

Naughty Dog will also allow players will fully remap controls in The Last of Us Part II, which isn't always a common sight. Indeed, Naughty Dog says that this is the first time it has allowed such a fine level of customization for controls, and it goes one step beyond simple remapping too, as players will be able to do things like turn rapid button presses into a hold or turn button holds into toggles.

Other features include visual aids, options for helping with motion sickness, field of view, HUD customization options, audio cues, combat accessibility, and even a multi-tiered difficulty setting. You can read all about The Last of Us Part II's accessibility options over on the PlayStation Blog, but otherwise, look for the game to land on June 19th.