The key to safer data storage?

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 29, 2007
The key to safer data storage?

These days we seem to carry just about everything on our USB drives, from family photos to important client documents. While most of us wouldn’t be too upset if the pictures of our recent family trip to see grandma got into the wrong hands, we might not be quite as apathetic about our client documents. There are a number of different methods of encrypting such files, but most require us to add yet another password to our daily lives.

A new product from Kanguru Solutions aims to make carrying around sensitive date a little easier. The Bio Slider is a USB drive that has a built in biometric scanner, so with one swipe of your finger, all of your data is unlocked. The Bio Slider starts at $100 for a 512MB and is offered in sizes up to 2GB. Now you’ll never have to worry about those embarrasing pictures of your uncle Bruce being unleashed into the wild.

How to lock down your USB drive [via Crave]

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