The J'tote Laptop Bag - utterly terrifying

Eek some purple blob just ate my laptop! Oh, never mind apparently it's actually a laptop bag, my mistake.

Does this bag scare anyone else? This J'tote Afric Laptop Bag looks like some creepy monster that lurks from underneath your bed. I'm sure its supposed to look exotic or something, and generally I'm all about any laptop bags outside of the usual black. I'm sure some could probably appreciate the small front pockets and bamboo handles. Frankly the handles are the only thing I find cool about the bag.

It can hold up to a 15" laptop and has built in shock absorbers for the slightly clumsy (yes, that does include me). The bag is priced at $175, which I'm sure is cheap to have your very own purple man-eating monster.

J'tote Afric Laptop Bag brings a hint of African chic to your notebook [via shiny shiny]