The iShirt, for those days you forget to wear pants

You can tally this one up with more useless junk to go with your iPod. It's a shirt that has pockets for your iPod, and little guides that are supposed to help untangle the extra cords. You wouldn't want to trip and somehow hang yourself. Those iPods are dangerous!

Here's a thought, stick the iPod in your pocket. I know, how could I be so horribly uncivilized to think that you can just own a gadget without all of this extra junk?! The answer to that is, I am just that good.

I am normally a fairly nice person and even when I'm not that nice I wouldn't hurt a fly (I make someone else do it for me). However, if I were to see someone wearing one of these I'm pretty sure even I would beat you up and steal your lunch money. These iShirts from urban tool are priced at around $45.

The iShirt for your iPod [via geeksugar]