The iRosary

Tino Dobra has created the iRosary, yet another iPod accessory to add to your collection. Not only is this concept design bizarre to say the least, the creator didn't quite think this one through. They failed to notice a small glitch with wearing the iRosary.

When Tino shows the product they begin by saying the history behind the rosary. They go on to complain that younger people have let go of the significance behind the rosary. You should know that I myself am not Catholic; however, I did spend six years in a Catholic school. This means I was forced to take classes on Catholicism and all of their beliefs. One thing Dobra should have thought of is that Catholics, at least in America, typically don't wear their rosary. Although technically it is not against any rules, American Catholics teach you not to wear it. The general explanation is that the rosary is more sacred than typical jewelry and to wear it as such is degrading to the rosary.

It is possible in other countries this product would work, but I know quite a few Catholics tend to get squeamish over the thought of being seen wearing a rosary. Not only that, but typically rosaries are blessed. I'm a little annoyed by this product merely because it seems to mock its own purpose. Once again though, I'm not Catholic. However, I am extremely curious to know what other Catholics would think of this product.

iRosary: Worship the Bishop of Rome and Rock Out to Groovy Tunes [via crunchgear]