The Impossible Project's new Polaroid film on sale this week

When we wrote about The Impossible Project a little over a year ago, we'll admit to having been a little sceptical as to whether the task – getting an ex-Polaroid film factory up and running, with chemicals and other technology brought bang up to date – was achievable.  At the time they were aiming for a release of newly-produced film sometime in 2010; happily it looks like they're bang on schedule, since the first Impossible Project film will go on sale come March 25th.

The new PX monochrome instant film will go on sale alongside The Impossible Project's remaining – and dwindling – stocks of original Polaroid film, and you can also pick up cameras with which to use it from their online shop.  It's not clear how much the new film will cost, but there's more detail about the project in the video here.

[via Twitter]