The Hood.e offers a safe way to listen to music

Finally, a designer with a bit of sense and personal motivation to create a product with practical uses. Tim Dubitsky didn't just create this to look pretty in his portfolio, no he actually created it for his nephew.

He wanted his nephew to be able to listen to his music and safely walk to school. Which makes sense, a kid walking around with earbuds in isn't going to be able to hear what's going on around him.

Sadly this is still a concept, but hopefully someone will pick it up and release it to the general public. If it ever did, I'm sure several teenagers would be happy to snag it, judging from the popularity of having speakers on all kinds of accessories.Edit: Tim has been in touch to confirm that the hood.e has actually gone into production.  It'll be available from his site on May 9th priced at $160 plus shipping & tax, with a custom monogram costing $30 extra. 

[via techdigest]