'The Hateful Eight': new trailer arrives

A new trailer for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming movie The Hateful Eight has been released, this one joining the one we saw back in August. That last one was officially the "teaser" trailer, though it was more than two minutes long. This new one is more than two minutes long, too, though it is shorter than the first. Samuel L. Jackson again shows up right at the start of things.

If you saw the teaser trailer, you already have a good idea of what the movie's about. That trailer was fun, with healthy doses of humor and more than a touch of western flair. Not much has changed in the new trailer, but we get an expanded look at some scenes and a better introduction of the hateful eight.

The biggest changes come toward the end of the trailer, but we won't ruin the surprise. The Hateful Eight revolves around, as the title suggests, eight strangers, and one of them isn't like the others. The movie is set something like six or twelve years after the Civil War, according to the official synopsis.

The Hangman is bringing in Daisy Domergue, who gets a little bit of narrative time in this trailer. There's a blizzard outside, and the duo have to stop for a night or two at a stagecoach stopover. A few other folks are already there, though, and that's when the fun starts.

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